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Cathrin Queins


Cathrin Queins has practiced Yoga since 2000 and learned to love Ashtanga Yoga in 2003 in Goa. In 2006 she started trips to maui for a couple of months each year to study with Nancy Gilgoff. In the last couple of years Cathrin took part in various teacher trainings for Primary and Second Series with Nancy Gilgoff and Manju P. Jois.

Cathrin and Andrea met on Maui in 2008 for the first time and she participated in Andreas Teacher Training in 2012/13. Also a part of Cathrin’s daily practice apart from asana is meditation and pranayama. For this she regularly sees Clive Sheridan. Since June 2013 she lives in Berlin and assists Andrea regularly in the Mysore classes. She is authorized by Manju P. Jois to teach Primary and Intermediate Series of traditional Ashtanga Yoga.

Besides yoga, cathrin creates colorful pictures as a freelance graphic designer and photographer.